International External and Internal Martial Arts Academy

The association

Externals and Internals Martials Arts International Academy SHENG ZHI QI DAO is an association ruled by the 1st july 1901 law (with non lucrative goal) which aim the teaching and the practice of asian traditionnal martials arts, particullary sino-vietnamese Martials Arts and all the activities which can be attached to it. To be an association member it needs to discharge a contribution and a licence and to respect the actual regulation. Titles of honour member or benefactor can also be decreed to all those who will have returned services or made gifts to the association.

L'Empreinte de l'Ours (previously Le Dragon d'Eau) in Valence

Tayfun professeur Valence

Professeur : Tayfun KALKANCI.
Tayfun began Yangkido in 1998 at the club "Dragon d'Eau" in Valence, teaching by Jérôme.
He became assistant of Jérôme in 2010 and passed 1rst Federal Duan Black Belt in 2014 given by the FFWAEMC Federation. He obtained his 2nd Duan in June 2017 given by the FFKADA.
He takes the responsability of Valence club in 2016. He changes its name to "L'Empreinte de l'Ours".

Maxime Teacher assistant Valence

Teacher-assistant : Maxime MOUNIER. He obtained his 1st Duan in June 2017 given by the FFKADA.

Alexandre Assistant teacher Valence

Assistant-teacher : Alexandre PATUREL.

Location :Palais des sports Pierre Mendès France's dojo
Rue Barthélémy de Laffemas
Plateau Briffaut
26000 Valence

Resumption of training (season 2017-2018) :
Monday 18th September at 20H.
Friday 22th September at 18H for the 6-10 years old, at 19H for the 11-13 years old.

Schedules (2017-2018) :
Monday, wednesday (advanced particant) and friday, from 20h to 21h45.
Friday, from 18 to 19h for the 6-10 years old, 19h to 20h for the 11-13 years old.

Pratical Informations

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La Murène de Feu in Aix-en-Provence

Professeurs Aix en Provence
Loïc, David, Paola

Teacher : David BLANC, federal 1st Duan Black Belt, delivered in 2003 by the FFKAMA. He started practising in 1996 and became the Master NANG's second Assistant. David BLANC finished its engineer studies then came to live at Aix-en-Provence in 2004. He created the club a little time afterwards.
He award a diploma of Federal Teacher of External Chinese Martial Art (CM-AMCX) option Kung-Fu, given by Fédération Française de Wushu arts énergétiques et martiaux chinois (FFWAEMC) in 2007. He obtained his 2nd Duan in June 2012.

Teacher-assistant : Loïc GARNIER and Paola BLANC-QUEINNEC.

Location : Dojo Bertrand Damaisin
Stade municipal
49 avenue Albert Couton
13290 Les Milles

Resumption of training (season 2017-2018) :
Tuesday 19th September at 20h.
Child lesson : Thursday 28th September (first meeting), First lesson : Thursday 12th October.

Shedules (2017-2018) :
Dojo Castel at Les Milles : Tuesday from 20h to 22h and Thursday, from 20h to 21h15 for beginners, and 22h for advanced.
Dojo Cournand - Aix en Provence : child lesson 6-10 years old on Thursday from 17h30 to 18h30.

Practical informations

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Le Souffle De la Licorne at Glun

Ludovic professeur Glun

Teacher : Ludovic REY have begun YANGKIDO in 1999 in the Club of Dragon d'eau in Valence. He gets federal 1st Duan Black Belt in 2010 and he started his club the same year.

Location : Mairie de Glun
Chemin de la Plaine
07300 Glun

Resumption of training (season 2017-2018) :
Monday 18th September at 18h45.

Schedules (2017-2018) :
Monday and Thursday - 18h45 at 21h15.

Pratical informations

Contact et access plan


It is by a fresh automn 1994 morning that the Valence club saw its first pupils... No more than five or six (braves) came each saturday between 10h and noon working with the master, and this, whatever the wether was, in the Benjamin's courtyard, the one with who all began...

The seed had germinated ! It had now to be put in a pot.

Facing this practicians great motivation, generated by the passion the master dedicates to his Art and the pleasure he has to communicate it, an association declaration was made under the name « SONG-LONG » and a practising room was obtained for the september 1995 re-entry...

The seed took roots.

Since, this club keeps evolving :
In 2000 the SONG-LONG name is modified to Externals and Internals Martials Arts International Academy, SHENG ZHI QI DAO, giving officially birth to Master NANG's school and to the YANGKIDO style which is teached in it.

In 2002, Jérome, first master assistant, takes the Valence club full responsibility and becomes its main teacher.

In 2003, some more advanced and close to the master practicians go with him in Vietnam to improve.

Then, following this trip, the 2004 re-entry saw the la Murène de feu club open its gates at Aix-en-Provence with David, the Master NANG's second assistant. Master Nang.

This same year, in order to dissociate itself from the school's name and to have its own identity, the Valence club had to be renamed. It is called from now on Dragon d’eau…

And the seed become a tree.