International External and Internal Martial Arts Academy


The 25/09/2018

"L'Esprit de l'Aigle", new club at Peyrus (26)

"L'Esprit de L'Aigle", new club created by Maxime, open its gates at Peyrus since the 18/09/2018.
Lessons will take place the Tuesday and Wednesday at the Peyrus' party room, come to see us !
For more information, you can contact Maxime by email L'Esprit de l'Aigle, see page Clubs.

The 12/08/2018

"L'Empreinte de l'Ours" at the associations of Valence meeting

"L'Empreinte de l'Ours" will be present at the associations of Valence meeting, at the "parc des expositions", Saturday the 8th of september 2018, from 10 am to 6pm.
We will share the emplacement D25 with the club of Tai Chi Chuan "La Fleur de Phoenix".

You would meet Tayfun, the club teacher, to discuss about the training for adluts and childs (since 6 years old).
We hope to see a lot of you.


Participation at a couple of meeting - Glun's Club (26)

Logo Souffle de la Licorne

Souffle de la Licorne club, Glun (26), will be participated at :
- associations meeting in Gymnase of Pont de L'Isère, Friday 7th September from 18h30
- Sport celebration on Linaë place in Tain L'Hermitage, Saturday 22th September

You can contact them by website page Club for more information.


Training in September

Photo stage de rentrée

To start this season, a training is organized the week-end 8th and 9th in September at Mirmande (26).
The subscriptions are opened until the middle of August. Contact association member of your club.

See you soon at Mirmande !

Le 20/05/2018

Great meeting during Pentecote

For the 20 years of the creation of AIAMEI, Pentecôte training has got together all clubs of Kung-fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
This event would be time to share during this long week-end.

At the end of this week-end, each club has shown a great demonstration in front of several Masters.

Thanks for your participation !

The 20/03/2018

Martial arts gala of "Bourg les Valence"

We will not participate this year, but a lot of clubs of martial arts from Valence will.
It will be possible to go and admire them, with some Shaolin monks, and acrobatic Nunchaku.

Le 23/01/2017

Training , demonstration et celebration of the new asian year !

Association la Murène de Feu in Aix-en-Provence will do a demonstration on the Sunday 4th February at 11h30 am to celebrate the new asian year.
This demonstration take place at sport hall Emile Zola, Avenue de l'Arc de Meyran in Aix-en-Provence.
The doors will be opened at 11h15 am.

For martial art member, the training will begin at :
- 8h45 am for adults: baton weapon
- 10h15 am for childs

For more information, contact us at this mail:

Le 20/12/2017

Happy Christmas !

Année du Chien

The year is ending and it's time to make a little winter break:
- La Murène de Feu : last lesson on Thursday 21/12, resumption on Tuesday 9th January and Thursday 11th for 6-10 years old.
- Le Souffle de la Licorne : last lesson on Thursday 28/12, resumption on Monday 8th January.
- L'empreinte de l'Ours : last lesson on Friday 23/12, resumption on Monday 8th January.
- La Voie du Loup : last lesson on Monday 19/12, resumption on Monday 8th January.

Happy Christmas everybody !

Le 15/11/2017

Lesson 11-18 years old in Aix-en-Provence

La Voie du Loup

La Voie du Loup, new club created by Loïc, teacher assistant at la Murène de Feu, open lessons for 11 à 18 years old.
These lessons will be in Gymnasium of school Emile Zola :
- Lesson 11-14 years old : on Wednesday from 19h to 20h, first lesson : on Wednesday 29th November at 19h
- Lesson 15-18 years old : on Monday from 19h to 20h30, first lesson : on Monday 27th november at 19h

For more information, you can contact us by email La Voie du Loup or phone call :

Le 09/10/2017

New professor assistant at Murène de Feu

Club in Aix-en-Provence has a new professor assistant : Fabien Sanial.
After several years of hardworking, Fabien has shown is determination. His hope is to become professor to share and give his passion about Kung-Fu Yangkido.
He starts his training with his professor David Blanc, technical director of the style.

Congratulations in this new path !

Le 31/08/2017

Child lesson 6-10 years old in Aix-en-Provence


That's new ! Murène de Feu open a child lesson for 6-10 years old.
This lesson will be happened every Thursday from 17h30 to 18h30 at Dojo Cournand in Aix-en-Provence.
The first meeting will be on Thursday 28th September and the first lesson will be on Thursday 12th October.

Le 23/07/2017

September training

All the Yangkido practitioners will meet again at the we of 16th-17th of september, for the AIAMEI september training.
This training, reserved to the already practitioners, allows them to start the season with Master Nang, and all the teachers and practitioners of all the clubs gathered.
To all, please remind to send back your inscription note before the 15th of August.

Happy holidays to all, meet you back at the septembre training.

Le 02/07/2017

Federal Rankings

The teachers of L'Empreinte de l'Ours went to validate their black belt on the federal level, towards the FFKADA.
Tayfun validated his 2d federal duan, and Maxime his 1st federal duan. Both were succesfull...
Greetings to the teachers, and enjoy the summer break.

The 07/04/2017

Training at vietnam.

Some 2cd câps from the club "L'Empreinte de l'Ours" will take advantage of the eastern holydays to enjoy the vietnamise climat and the teaching of master Nang.
They will be joined by Tayfun, their teacher.
Meanwhile, the lessons will continue at Valence. They will be made by Maxime.

The 27/01/2017

Pentecôte training from the 3rd to the 5th of june 2017

Stage de Pentecôte 2015

The AIAMEI organize, as every year its Pentecôte training with all the Yangkido clubs, and the Tai-Chi-Chuan club La Fleur du Phoenix.
Please register before the end of February to your club.

BE AWARE, this year the arrival are the friday to start the training the saturday morning !
See you soon on the beach...


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Welcome to Sheng Zhi Qi Dao school web site, member of International Academy of External and Internal Martial Arts (A.I.A.M.E.I). Our style, Yangkido Kung Fu, was founded by Master Nang. The school is composed of six Clubs, located in south of France :
L'Empreinte de l'Ours (anciennement Le Dragon d'Eau) at Valence (26),
La Murène de Feu at Aix-en-Provence (13),
Le Souffle de La Licorne at Glun (07),
La Voie du Loup at Aix-enProvence (13),
L'Envol du Faucon at Aix-en-Provence(13)
et L'Esprit de l'Aigle at Peyrus (26).

Please find here a description of YangKiDo style, the way we practise it and the spirit transmitted through its teaching. The story of Master Nang helps to understand the reasons why he founded his own style and the School. Practical information about courses (schedule, access map) are at your disposal. Enjoy your visit !

Sheng Zhi QI Dao

SHENG ZHI QI DAO school was born on 1995…

  • SHENG : The warrior
  • ZHI : The wisdom
  • QI : The energy
  • DAO : The way

The Académie Internationale des Arts Martiaux Externes et Internes, (A.I.A.M.E.I) is the administrative foreground of our school. I pay homage to all masters and experts that guided me on the way of Martial Arts : Master NGUYEN DAN PHU, Master PHAN BINH, Master JIAN L., Master HE, Master ZHANG D., Master CHEN Z., Master KASE, Master BRASSECASSE F., Expert Darius S. and a souvenir for Robert S.

Master Nang E.


embleme du style yangqido
Yangkido style emblem

Offensive and defensive Martial Art, member of the great sino-vietnamese martial arts family, Yangkido is the martial style of Sheng Zhi Qi Dao school.

  • YANG : The fire, associated to warrior
  • KI : The Energy, fluidity, movement and power of water
  • DO : in Martial Art philosphy, the way

The YANGKIDO was not created in a competitive way, but so that anyone could face all perturbating elements of our society. Actually, competition do exist, not against an adversary, but oneself…