International External and Internal Martial Arts Academy

The Salute

A Kung-fu lesson starts and ends with the traditionnal salute from which a retranscription is here made in vietnamese and meaning in the order : Warrior, Qi, Wisdom, Bloom, Respect.

Salute in vietnamese
transcription du salut en vietnamien
Salute at the end of training

Who can practice Kung-fu ?

The YANGKIDO style kung-fu from Sheng Zhi Qi Dao school is a martial art that everyone can practise. This discipline aims to contribute to the practician's blooming , where the only competition leaded is against oneself:

  • Forge will and perseverance
  • Transmit values of respect for oneself and others
  • Bring self-confidence
  • Learn to face life's difficulties and attacks

Flexibility, body reinforcement, codified sequences, combat techniques, work on breath, martial philosophy, constitute the base of practising of this traditionnal art wich is also a Art of Living...

Kung-fu lesson course

Each lesson begins with the traditionnal salute followed by a short concentration time destined to put oneself in condition to the practising to come. Then follows a warming of 30 to 45 minutes preparing the body and the mind to execute sequences and techniques. This warming includes a cardio-vascular system start up, the articulations mobility development, the muscles and tendons easing, stretching and reinforcement. This warming has been specifically elaborated by the master for our Art and is composed by movements directly linked to the Martial techniques.

The continuation is :
- working on base movements as positions and differents strikes..
- learning quyens (codified sequences), combat techniques and breathing movements.

The lesson ends with a quiet moment for strecthing or relaxation, and then finishes as it has started, with the traditionnal salute.

The Principles

These are the principles that govern the practice of Yangkido style Kung-fu :

  • The practician must know that the terms KUNG-FU carry the idea of labour and perseverance.
  • Your goal is to impregnate yourself with those ideas, to practice truly in this spirit and to get from it modesty and will.
  • Your objective is to carve your body and to give it power, by an assiduous KUNG-FU practice.
  • You will have to reinforce your mental by an intensive practising.
  • You will have to reach the YANGKIDO's techniques control to protect the weakest.
  • You will shine with your generosity and your strong personnality.
  • You will raise by acquiring the meaning of the uprightness, the justice, the sacrifice, the devotion and the honour.
  • You will radiate with your politeness, your courtesy, the respect for oneself and others.
  • You will get the power to face yourself and always win.
  • You will manage to forge your intelligence, your bravery, your courage, your honnesty, your loyalty and your trust.
  • The KUNG-FU is the philosophycal path leading to the satisfying, the friendship, the love, because it is this love which constitutes the universe.

The trainings

The trainings are strong moments of share, exchange and of course learning. There, the Martial Art takes its all dimension, where true friendship bonds are made. On the Martial side, those are particulary designed to give a « whip blow » to the pupils evolution and so to allow him to go further beyond himself.